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1998   Alsdorf, D., Y. Makovsky,W.-J. Zhao, L.D. Brown, K.D. Nelson, S.L. Klemperer, M. Hauck, A. Ross, M. Cogan, M. Clark, J.-K. Che, and J. Kuo. "INDEPTH (International Deep Profiling of Tibet and the Himalaya) multi-channel seismic reflection data: Description and availability". J. Geophys. Res., v. 103, pp. 26,993-26,999.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Alsdorf.IN1&2data.JGR_.1998

1998   Beaudoin, B.C., J.A. Hole, S.L. Klemperer and A.M. Trehu. "Location of the southern edge of the Gorda slab and evidence for an adjacent asthenospheric window: results from seismic profiling and gravity". J. Geophys. Res., v. 104, pp. 30,101-30,115.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Beaudoin.Mendo3SEDGE.JGR_.1998

1998   Godfrey, N.J. and S.L. Klemperer. Ophiolite basement to a forearc basin and implications for continental growth: The Coast Range/Great Valley ophiolite, California. Tectonics, v. 17, pp. 558-570.

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1996   Beaudoin, B.C., N.J. Godfrey, S.L. Klemperer, C. Lendi, A.M. Trehu, T.J. Henstock, A. Levander, J.E. Holl, A.S. Meltzer, J.H. Luetgert, and W.D. Mooney. "Transition from slab to slabless: Results from the 1993 Mendocino triple junction seismic experiment". Geology, v. 24, pp 195-199.

1996   Fliedner, M.M., Ruppert, S., and Southern Sierra Nevada Continental Dynamics Working Group (P.E. Malin, S.K. Park, G. Jiracek, R.A. Phinney, J.B. Saleeby, B. Wernicke, R. Clayton, R. Keller, K. Miller, C. Jones, J.H. Luetgert, W.D. Mooney, H. Oliver, S.L. Klemperer, and G.A. Thompson). Three-dimensional crustal structure of the southern Sierra Nevada from seismic fan profiles and gravity modeling. Geology, v. 24; p. 367–370. 

Download Document(s): PDF icon Fliedner.SSCD_.Geology.1996

1996   Nelson, K.D., W. Zhao, L.D. Brown, J. Kuo, J. Che, X. Liu, S.L. Klemperer, Y. Makovsky, R. Meissner, J. Mechie, R. Kind, F. Wenzel, J. Ni, J. Nabelek, C. Leshou, H. Tan, W. Wei, A.G. Jones, J. Booker, M. Unsworth, W.S.F. Kidd, M. Hauck, D. Alsdorf, A. Ross,, M. Cogan, C. Wu, E. Sandvol, and M. Edwards. "Partially Molten Middle Crust Beneath Southern Tibet: Synthesis of Project INDEPTH Results". Science, v. 274, pp 1684-1688.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Nelson.IN2_.Science.1996

1996   Wernicke, B., R. Clayton, M. Ducea, C.H. Jones, S. Park, S. Ruppert, J. Saleeby, J.K. Snow, L. Squires, M. Fliedner, G. Jiracek, R. Keller, S. Klemperer, J. Luetgert, P. Malin, K. Miller, W. Mooney, H. Oliver, R. Phinney. "Origin of High Mountains in the Continents: The Southern Sierra Nevada". Science, v. 271, pp 190-193.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Wernicke.SSCD_.Science.1996


1994   Brocher, T.M., J. McCarthy, P.E. Hart, W.S. Holbrook, K.P. Furlong, T.V. McEvilly, J.A. Hole, and S.L. Klemerer. "Seismic Evidence for a Lower-Crustal Detachment Beneath San Francisco Bay, California". Science, v. 265, 1436-1439.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Brocher.BASIX_.Science.1994


1993   W. Zhao, K.D. Nelson, and Project INDEPTH Team. "Deep seismic reflection evidence for continental underthrusting beneath southern Tibet". Nature, v. 366, 557-559.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Zhao.IN1_.Nature.1993