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2001   Walker, K.T., G.H.R. Bokelmann, and S.L. Klemperer. Shear-Wave Splitting to Test Mantle Deformation Models around Hawaii. Geophys. Res. Lett., v. 28 , pp. 4319-4322.

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2001   Zhao, W., J. Mechie, L.D. Brown, J. Guo, S. Haines, T. Hearn, S.L. Klemperer, Y.S. Ma, R. Meissner, K.D. Nelson, J.F. Ni, P. Pananont, R. Rapine, A. Ross, and J. Saul. "Crustal structure of central Tibet as derived from Project INDEPTH wide-angle seismic data". Geophys. J. Intnl., v. 145, pp. 486-498.

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2000   Hole, J.A., T.M. Brocher, T.E. Parsons, H.M. Benz, K.P. Furlong, and S.L. Klemperer. Three-dimensional seismic velocity structure of the San Francisco Bay Area. J. Geophys. Res., v. 105, pp. 13,859-13,874.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Hole.SFBay3D.JGR_.2000

2000   Karakelian, D., S.L. Klemperer, G.C. Beroza and A.C. Fraser-Smith. A transportable system for monitoring ultra low frequency electromagnetic signals associated with earthquakes. Seismological Research Letters, v. 71, 423-436.

2000   Karakelian, D., S.L. Klemperer, G.A. Thompson, A.C. Fraser-Smith. Results from electromagnetic monitoring of the Mw 5.1 San Juan Bautista, California earthquake of 12 August 1998. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Tectonic Problems of the San Andreas fault system, Stanford University Publication in Geological Sciences, vol. XXI, eds. G. Bokelmann and R.L. Kovach, pp. 334-346.

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2000   Fliedner, M.M., S.L. Klemperer, and N. Christensen. Three-dimensional seismic model of the Sierra Nevada arc, California, and its implications for crustal and upper mantle composition. J. Geophys. Res., v. 105, pp. 10,899-10,921.

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2000   Fliedner, M.M. and S.L. Klemperer. The transition from oceanic arc to continental arc in the crustal structure of the Aleutian Arc. Earth Planet. Sci. Letts., v. 179, pp. 567-579. 

2000   Hole, J. A., B.C. Beaudoin, and S.L. Klemperer. Vertical extent of the newborn San Andreas Fault at the Mendocino Triple Junction. Geology, v. 28, pp. 1111-1114.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Hole.SAFatMTJ.Geology.2000


1999   Fliedner, M.M. and S.L. Klemperer. Composition of an island-arc: wide-angle studies in the eastern Aleutian islands, Alaska. J. Geophys. Res., v. 104, pp. 10,667-10,694.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Fliedner.Aleutian.JGR_.1999

1999   Greninger, M.L., S.L. Klemperer, and W.J. Nokelberg. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) compilation of geophysical, geologic, and tectonic data for the circum-north Pacific. USGS Open-File report 99-422, version 1.0 (CD-ROM).

1999   Makovsky, Y. and S.L. Klemperer. Measuring the seismic properties of Tibetan bright-spots: free aqueous fluids in the Tibetan middle crust. J. Geophys. Res., v. 104, pp. 10,795-10,825.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Makovsky.BrightSpots.JGR_.1999

1999   Makovsky, Y., S.L. Klemperer, L. Ratschbacher, and D. Alsdorf. INDEPTH wide-angle profiling traces mid-crustal reflector: an ophiolitic slab beneath the India-Asia suture in southern Tibet? Tectonics, v. 18, pp. 793-808.


1998   Alsdorf, D., L. Brown, K.D. Nelson, Y. Makovsky, S.L. Klemperer, and W.-J. Zhao. "Crustal deformation of the Lhasa terrane, Tibet Plateau from INDEPTH deep seismic reflection profiles". Tectonics, v. 17, pp. 501-519.

1998   Alsdorf, D., Y. Makovsky,W.-J. Zhao, L.D. Brown, K.D. Nelson, S.L. Klemperer, M. Hauck, A. Ross, M. Cogan, M. Clark, J.-K. Che, and J. Kuo. "INDEPTH (International Deep Profiling of Tibet and the Himalaya) multi-channel seismic reflection data: Description and availability". J. Geophys. Res., v. 103, pp. 26,993-26,999.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Alsdorf.IN1&2data.JGR_.1998

1998   Beaudoin, B.C., J.A. Hole, S.L. Klemperer and A.M. Trehu. "Location of the southern edge of the Gorda slab and evidence for an adjacent asthenospheric window: results from seismic profiling and gravity". J. Geophys. Res., v. 104, pp. 30,101-30,115.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Beaudoin.Mendo3SEDGE.JGR_.1998

1998   Godfrey, N.J. and S.L. Klemperer. Ophiolite basement to a forearc basin and implications for continental growth: The Coast Range/Great Valley ophiolite, California. Tectonics, v. 17, pp. 558-570.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Godfrey.GtValley.Tectonics.1998