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2005   Kerr, B.C., Scholl, D.B., and Klemperer, S.L. Seismic stratigraphy of Detroit seamount, Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain: deposition of the Meiji drift and implication for post-hotspot shield-building volcanism. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 12, Q07L10, doi:10.1029/2004GC000705, pp. 18.

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2005   Leech, M.L., Singh, S., Jain, A.K., Klemperer, S.L., and Manickavasagam, R.M. The onset of India-Asia continental collision: early, steep subduction required by the timing of UHP metamorphism in the western Himalaya, Earth Planet. Sci. Letts., v. 234, 83-97. (and Leech, M.L., Singh, S., Jain, A.K., Klemperer, S.L., and Manickavasagam, R.M., 2006, Reply to comment by P.J. O'Brien, Earth Planetary Science Letters 234 (2005) 83-97, Earth Planet. Sci. Letts., v. 245, 817-820.

2005   Walker, K.T., Bokelmann, G.H.R., Klemperer, S.L., and Nyblade, A.A. Shear-wave splitting around hotspots: evidence for upwelling-related mantle flow? In: Plates, Plumes and Paradigms, G.R. Foulger, J.H. Natland, D.C. Presnall and D.L. Anderson, eds. Geol. Soc. of Amer. Special Paper 388, 171-192.

2005   Walker, K.T., Bokelmann, G.H.R., Klemperer, S.L., and Bock, G. Shear-wave splitting around the Eifel hotspot: Evidence for a mantle upwelling. Geophys. J. Int., v. 163, 962-980 doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2005.02636.x 

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2005   Wood, J.D., O'Connell-Rodwell, C.E., & Klemperer, S.L. Using seismic sensors to detect elephants and other large mammals: a novel censusing technique for wildlife managers, J. Appl. Ecol., v. 42, pp. 587-594.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Wood.EleCensus.JAppliedEcol.2005

2005   Zhang, Z.J., and Klemperer, S.L. West-east variation in crustal thickness in northern Lhasa block, central Tibet, from deep seismic sounding data. J. Geophys. Res., v. 110, B09403, doi:10.1029/2004JB003139, pp.14. 

Download Document(s): PDF icon Zhang.WEvariations.JGR_.2005

2005   Bijoor, S., Glen, J., McPhee, D.K., and Klemperer, S.L., Ultra-low Frequency Electromagnetic Monitoring of Earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Area: Initial Results of an Earthscope PBO Project, EOS Trans. AGU, 86 (52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T51B-1343.


2004   Walker, K.T., Bokelmann, G.H.R., and Klemperer, S.L., 2004. Shear-wave splitting reveals mantle upwelling beneath eastern Nevada. Earth Planet. Sci. Letts., v. 222, 529-542.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Walker.SRP_.EPSL_.2004

2004   Abdelsalam, M.G., Atekwana, E.A., Keller, G.R., and Klemperer, S.L. The life cycle of continental rifting as a focus for US-African scientific collaboration. EOS, Trans. Am. Geophys. Un., v. 85 (47).

2004   Gashawbeza, E.M., Klemperer, S.L., Nyblade, A.A., Walker, K.T., and Keranen, K.M. Shear-wave splitting in Ethiopia: Precambrian mantle anisotropy locally modified by Neogene rifting. Geophys. Res. Letts., v. 31, L18602, doi:10.1029/2004GL020471.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Ewenet.EthiopiaSKS.GRL_.2004

2004   Keranen, K., Klemperer, S.L., Gloaguen, R., and the EAGLE Working Group. Three-dimensional seismic imaging of a proto-ridge axis in the Main Ethiopian Rift. Geology, v. 32; p. 949-952, doi: 10.1130/G20737.1 and Data Repository item 2004155.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Keranen.EAGLE_.GeologyALL.2004

2004   Les, A., Keranen, K.M., Klemperer, S.L., Khan, M.A., Maguire, P.K.H. Seismic ground-velocity prediction based on shot distance, shot size, and shotpoint site environment in Ethiopia (EAGLE Project). In: Proceedings of the International Conference on the East African Rift System, June 20-24 2004, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, eds. G. Yirgu, C. Ebinger, and G. Mulugeta, publ. Ethiopian Geosci. Mineral Engin. Assoc., pp. 121-125. 

2004   Ross, A.R., Brown, L.D., Pannanont, P., Nelson, K.D., Klemperer, S.L., Haines, S., Wenjin, Z., and Guo, J. Deep reflection surveying in central Tibet: lower-crustal layering and crustal flow. Geophys. J. Intnl., v. 156, 115-128; doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2004.02119.x

2004   Shi, D, Zhao, W., Brown, L., Nelson, D., Zhao, X., Kind, R., Ni, J., Xiong, J., Mechie, J., Guo, J., Klemperer, S.L., and Hearn, T., 2004. Detection of southward intra-continental subduction of Tibetan lithosphere along the Bangong-Nujiang suture by P-to-S converted waves. Geology, v. 32, 209-212.

2004   Walker, K.T., Nyblade, A.A., Klemperer, S.L., Bokelmann, G.H.R. and T.J. Owens. On the relationship between extension and anisotropy: Constraints from shear-wave splitting across the East African Plateau. J. Geophys. Res., v. 109, B08302 10.1029/2003JB002866.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Walker.EAR_.JGR_.2004


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Download Document(s): PDF icon Haines.IN3_.Tectonics.2003

2003   Maguire, P.K.H., C.J. Ebinger, G.W. Stuart, G.D. Mackenzie, K.A. Whaler, J-M. Kendall, M.A. Khan, C.M.R. Fowler, S.L. Klemperer, G.R. Keller, T. Furman, K. Mickus, L. Asfaw, A. Ayele, and B. Abebe. Geophysical Project in Ethiopia Studies Continental Breakup. EOS, Trans. Am. Geophys. Un., v. 84, 337, 342-343.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Maguire.EAGLE_.EOS_.2003