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2008   Lerch, D.W., Klemperer, S.L., Stokoe, K.H., and Menq, F.Y. Integration of the NEES T-Rex vibrator and PASSCAL Texan recorders for seismic profiling of shallow and deep crustal targets. Seismological Research Letters, v. 79, 41-46.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Lerch.TRexVibrator.SRL_.2008

2008   Neumann, D.A., McPherson, S.-L., Kappler, K., Klemperer, S., Glen, J., and McPhee, D. Stanford–USGS Ultra-Low Frequency Electromagnetic Network: Status report and and data availability via the Web. EOS Trans. AGU, 88 (52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract S53B-1824.

2008   Stern, R.J., and Klemperer, S.L. U.S. Passive Margins: Are we missing an important opportunity? EOS, Trans. Am. Geophys. Un., 89, 64-65.

Download Document(s): PDF icon SternKlemperer.MARGINS.EOS_.2008

2008   Zhao, W., Brown, L.,Wu, Z., Klemperer, S.L., Shi, D., Mechie, J., Su, H., Tilmann, F., Karplus, M., and Makovsky, Y. Seismology across the northeastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union, vol. 89, p. 487.

Download Document(s): PDF icon ZhaoKarplus.Indepth4.EOS_.2008

2008   Calvert, A.J., Klemperer, S.L., Takahashi, N., and Kerr, B.C., 2008. Three-dimensional crustal structure of the Mariana Island arc from seismic tomography. J. Geophys. Res., v. 113, B01406, doi:10.1029/2007JB004939, pp. 24. 

2008   Cox, C.M., Keller, G.R., Harder, S., Klemperer, S., and High Lava Plains Team, Combining the PASSCAL and EarthScope Texan instrument pools for 3D and 3C imaging of the High Lava Plains, Oregon. EOS Trans. AGU, 88 (52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract S11C-1765. [Download .jpg, warning, 20Mb]


2007   Culp, D., Klemperer, S., Glen, J., and McPhee, D. Re-affirming the Magnetic Precursor to the 1989 Loma Prieta, CA, Earthquake Using Magnetic Field Data Collected in the US in 1989 and 1990. EOS Trans. AGU, 87 (52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Talk Abstract S41D-03. 

2007   Haines, S.S., Pride, S., Klemperer, S.L., and Biondi, B. Seismoelectric imaging of shallow targets. Geophysics, v. 72 (2), 10.1190/1.2428267.

2007   Klemperer, S.L., and Cash, M.D., 2007, Temporal geochemical variation in Ethiopian Lakes Shala, Arenguade, Awasa and Beseka: possible environmental impacts from underwater and borehole detonations. J. Afr. Earth Sci., 48, 174-198.

2007   Lerch, D.W., Klemperer, S.L., Glen, J.M.G., Ponce, D.A., and Miller, E.L. Crustal structure of the northwestern Basin and Range province and its transition to unextended volcanic plateaus. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 8 (1) doi:10.1029/2006GC001429, pp. 21. 

Download Document(s): PDF icon Lerch.NorthwestNevada.Gcubed.2007

2007   Takahashi, N., Kodaira, S., Klemperer, S.L., Tatsumi, Y., Kaneda, Y., and Suyehiro, K. Crustal structure and evolution of the Mariana intra-oceanic island arc. Geology, 35, pp. 203–206, DOI: 10.1130/G23212A.1

2007   Walker, K.T., Bokelmann, G.H.R., Klemperer, S.L., Bock, G., and the Eifel Plume Team. Seismic Anisotropy in the asthenosphere beneath the Eifel region, Western Germany. In: Mantle plumes - A multidisciplinary approach, J.R.R. Ritter & U.R. Christensen, eds., Springer-Verlag, pp. 439-496.

Download Document(s): PDF icon Walker.EifelSKS.EifelVolume.2007


2006  Klemperer, S.L., Hobbs, R., & Snyder, D. Relics of Closure of an ancient ocean basin. In: Imaging Earth History beneath the Ocean Floor, National Science Foundation, pp. 16.

2006   Klemperer, S.L. Crustal flow in Tibet: geophysical evidence for the physical state of Tibetan lithosphere, and inferred patterns of active flow. In: "Channel flow, ductile extrusion and exhumation in continental collision zones", R.D. Law, M.P. Searle & L. Godin, eds., Geol. Soc. Lond. Special Publication, v. 268, 39-70.

2006   Maguire, P.K.H., Keller, G.R., Klemperer, S.L., Mackenzie, G.D., Keranen, K., Harder, S., O'Reilly, B., Thybo, H., Asfaw, L., and Amha, M. Crustal Structure of the Northern Main Ethiopian Rift from the EAGLE Controlled-source Survey; a Snapshot of Incipient Lithospheric Break-up. In: The Afar Volcanic Province within the East African Rift System, G. Yirgu, C.J. Ebinger and P.K.H. Maguire, eds. Geol. Soc. Lond. Special Publication, v. 259, 269-292.

2006   Bendick, R., McClusky, S., Bilham, R., Asfaw, L., & Klemperer, S.L. "Distributed Nubia-Somalia relative motion and dike intrusion in the Main Ethiopian Rift". Geophys. J. Int., doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.02904.x

Download Document(s): PDF icon Bendick.EthiopiaGPS.GJI_.2006

2006   Gunther, R.H., Klemperer, S.L., and Goodliffe, A.M. Modelling sideswipe in 2D oceanic seismic surveys from sonar data: Application to the Mariana arc. Tectonophys., v. 420 333ñ343

2006   Kerr, B.C., D.W. Scholl, and S.L. Klemperer. Data report: Seismic reflection surveys of the Emperor Seamounts: ODP Leg 197. In: Proc. Ocean Drill. Program Sci. Results, 197. eds. Duncan, R.A., Tarduno, J.A., Davies, T.A., and Scholl, D.W., v. 197, 17 pp.