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Global Tectonics and Tectonics Field Trip

GEOPHYS 170 Global Tectonics

  • Survey of global tectonic features: subduction zones, continental collision, rifts and passive margins, arcs and back-arcs, etc.
  • Offered alternate years only;
  • Last offered Tu-Th 10:30-12:00, 3 units, LGI
  • Lectures, readings and term paper/presentation

GEOPHYS 171 Tectonics Field Trip

  • Long-weekend field trip to a region of active tectonics selected by prospective class participants to view large-scale tectonic features (compass and hand-lens encouraged but not needed) - check out a former trip here - with preparatory lectures and student involvement in field trip organisation.
  • Offered on alternate year basis; or annually by request.  May be repeated for credit.
  • Destination selected by prospective class participants in Winter quarter - contact me if interested - previous destinations (which get repeated as the student group evolves) have include Mendocino Triple Junction; NW Basin & Range/Modoc Plateau; Sierra Nevada and Mono Craters; "Sierra-to-the-Sea" evolution of California as a continental margin; southern San Andreas Fault.

Seismic Reflection Methodology, Interpretation and Processing

GEOPHYS 182/222 Seismic Reflection Methodology

"This is the class I've been waiting for. Maybe it should be a required course. Simon is a great teacher."(taken from Graduate Student Advisory Committee Geophysics Course Reviews)

  • Principles of seismic-reflection acquisition and processing
  • Offered alternate years only
  • Last offered Tu-Th 10:30-12:00, 3 units
  • Lectures, homeworks and final exam
  • Student-selected LGI (recommended for GP students, and required for GP students who wish to use this class to satisfy departmental degree requirements) or S/NC (recommended for less confident or less numerate GES students)

GEOPHYS 183/223 Seismic Reflection Interpretation

  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation of reflection profiles. Lectures and hands-on seismic interpretation, including workstation experience.
  • Offered alternate years only.
  • Last offered Tu-Th 10:30-12:00 (co-taught by Simon Klemperer (Mapping principles, Structural interpretation) and Stephan Graham (Stratigraphic interpretation)
  • 1-4 units: minimum 3 units needed to satisfy departmental degree requirements; 1 unit corresponds to attending lectures only, no labs.
  • Instructor-mandated CR/NC (do the work you need to learn the principles and methods; but don't waste time trying for an A+)

GEOPHYS 224 Seismic Reflection Processing

  • Hands-on experience of interactive computer processing of seismic data.  Methodology of seismic processing; selection of processing tools and processing parameters.
  • Lectures and computer experience (ProMAX or SPW software depending on class needs; marine of land data depending on class interests)
  • Only offered when a quorum of students requests it; last taught Winter 2009/2010, S/NC 2 units

Undergraduate Research Program

EarthSci 100

  • Research Preparation for Undergraduates.  Introduction to research methodology.  Required of all undergraduates in receipt of summer internship funds from the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.  Co-taught with Richard Nevle, lecturer in Earth Sciences.
  • Spring Quarter, Monday, 4:15-5:05.  1 unit, S/NC.   Lectures, mini-assignments; one in-class presentation.